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Dimension One Spas Models
Dimension One Spas Models
Dimension One Spas Models

Thermal Hot Tub Covers

The Thermal Covers help prevent heat loss and debris contamination from entering your hot tub. With a thermal hot tub cover it will make heating your hot tub much easier and help save on energy bills by taking less energy to heat it.

Thermal Guard Deluxe

This is a 1 lb. deluxe foam core hard cover. 4″ x 2″ x 1.0 lb foam and a R Factor 14. The 4″ to 2″ taper helps drain away rain and moisture. Also galvanized steel C-channel reinforces the hinges, while the premium U.V. treated polyester thread lasts longer than cheaper threads.

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Thermal Supreme

True 4″ to 2 3/4″ slant taper cover and true weight 2lb. Virgin EPS foam core. Exterior cover material is constructed of premium 28 oz Marine Grade vinyl, chemically treated to protect cover from UV rays, sun damage and mold. 2″ Galvanized C-Channel reinforcement at the fold for support, rigidity and strength against snow load.

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Polar Cap Deluxe

All the terrific features of our Thermal Premium Cover plus, True 5″ to 3″ slant taper cover. Full length heat trapper fold gasket to prevent heat loss at fold. Select from 17 trend setting colors to enhance the look and vibrance of your hot tub setting, plus a 3 year manufacturing warranty. Has a R Factor 19 and uses 1 lb foam.

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Polar Cap Supreme

All the terrific features of our Thermal Premium Cover plus, True 5″ to 3″ slant taper cover. Full length heat trapper fold gasket to prevent heat loss at fold. Select from 17 trend setting colors to enhance the look of your hot tub, plus a 3 year manufacturing warranty. Has a R Factor 23 and uses 2 lb foam.

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Tundra Deluxe

The Tundra series uses strong reinforced steel spine with a C-channel brace. These strong durable covers are the perfect option for any hot tub owner. The Deluxe series a 1.0 lb foam core with a R Factor 22.

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Tundra Supreme

The Tundra Supreme has the same sturdy construction as the Deluxe model, but it uses 2.0 lb foam core and has a R-Factor of 27. The Tundra thermal hard covers are a great choice for any hot tub owner, ask the experts at Viscount West today for more information.

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Dimension One Spa Sale!


Do you have questions about your current hot tub or thinking about purchasing a hot tub? The experts here at the King of Hot Tubs, can answer all your questions about hot tubs. Our experienced experts can answer any question you may have about hot tubs. From buying new to fixing your current hot tub we can help you.

Water Testing is important to maintain a healthy balanced water all year long in your spa or pool. Keeping a good pH balance to your water will help you maintain a good toxicity to your water. Get your water tested today by our qualified experts.

Thermal Hot Tub Covers are a great way to help prevent heat loss and prevent debris from getting in your hot tub. Our experts can help you decide which cover works best for your hot tub. Along with covers, we also can help you decide what spa cover lifter works best with your spa. Learn more.

How are spas insulated? Hot tubs are usually insulated one of two ways, full foam or warm air. The foam is usually pumped into the shell of the hot tub. The only downside is it makes for finding leaks very difficult. The warm air option uses insulated warm pipes, leaving room for maintenance later on. Learn More

Accessories are an integral part of the hot tub experience. The proper steps or water chemicals can make your time in the hot tub that much more enjoyable. We can answer any questions you may have about steps, chemicals, rails, covers and more! Learn More.

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3 Reasons On Why To Own A Hot Tub

Hot tubs are a great way to enhance your backyard. They’re not only an excellent source of relaxation, but they are also very affordable and easy to transport. One of the biggest advantages that hot tubs have to offer are countless benefits to improve your overall health. Let’s dive in to see the many reasons as to why hot tubs are a “must-have”.

Hot tubs provide the perfect environment to share with your family and friends. Aside from it being easy to maintain, the best part about it all is that it provides:

  1. Mental Benefits-hot tubs can help calm nerves and alleviate stress. It also can be used as a mood elevator. As soon as you step foot into the hot tub, it’s almost as if your mind can naturally free itself from its regular day-to-day worries.
  2. Musculoskeletal Benefits-immersing in a hot tub works wonders on a person’s body. It reduces the pressure from your joints and relieves pain. Having jets in your hot tub helps to improve circulation and lessens swelling and inflammation.
  3. Sleep Benefits-if you have difficulty sleeping, soaking yourself in a hot tub can help you significantly. It turns out that soaking yourself can force your body to cool down--thus allowing for your body to sleep comfortably throughout the night.

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